What's New

20th May 2018
  • Invalid RSS

    Improvements to handle badly formed RSS feeds.

    Spaces in URL's

    Spaces will now be escaped when adding URL's.

4th Apr 2018
  • Home & Smart feature for our German Users!

    My Pod has been featured as skill of the week on the German Home & Smart Tech site! Please click here to read it.

12th Mar 2018
  • Link title announcements

    You can now prevent Alexa from reading out the link / title name before playing any audio by visiting the My Account page.

  • Start Podcasts / RSS feeds from the oldest episode

    You can now switch My Pod to play the oldest episode in a feed first by visiting the My Account page.

23rd Feb 2018
  • Shuffling

    You can now enable shuffling by asking Alexa to turn on shuffling whilst audio is playing e.g. "Alexa, shuffle on.".

  • Better Playlist name recognition

    Alexa will now prompt you for the Playlist name if she doesn't understand what you said the first time.

20th Feb 2018
  • Re-order Playlists or Links

    You can now re-order your playlists or links by simply dragging them up or down.