What's New

Great new features and fixes

12th December 2018

  • Bug fixes and UX Improvements

    Various bug fixes and user experience improvements.

20th November 2018

  • Upcoming language support

    New translations will be available shortly. This update includes preliminary support and multi-region podcast search.

15th November 2018

  • Better link and playlist name matching

    My Pod will now try to best-guess the link or playlist if Alexa does not hear you properly. If you wish to switch this function off, please visit the My Account page.

  • Playlists resume

    Playlists will now automatically start from the beginning. If you want to resume your playlist from the last played link, enable the option in My Account page.

  • Bug fixes

    Various bug fixes.

4th November 2018

  • Bug fixes

    Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

15th October 2018

  • Introducing My Pod storage

    Now it's even easier to play your files through your Echo. Upload your files straight to My Pod and play them instantly!

2nd October 2018

  • Streamlined experience

    Easily add, remove and update links without leaving the page.

    Support My Pod

    Help to support My Pod and get extra links, playlists and lots more, check out our subscriptions.

23rd August 2018

  • Website Refresh

    The My Pod site has been refreshed with an improved look, better graphics and styles.

  • Account Deletion

    Should you wish to delete you account and all associated data with it, you can now do so via the My Account page.

18th August 2018

  • See what you have played recently

    You can now view what you have played recently as well as what Alexa heard you ask for, on your My Pod home page.

    Better episode number detection

    Enhanced detection of episode number in podcast feeds.

18th July 2018

  • Ask for specific episode or series!

    You can now ask My Pod for a specific track, episode or series simply by asking. Some examples:

    Say: "Alexa, ask My Pod to play episode <episode number> of <link name>."

    Say: "Alexa, ask My Pod to play series <series number> episode <episode number> of <link name>."

    Say: "Alexa, ask My Pod to play <episode name> in <link name>."

  • Set link and playlist play behaviour

    You can now ask My Pod to set the play mode for both links and playlists. Simply ask: "Alexa, ask My Pod to set the link play mode to <play mode>." or "Alexa, ask My Pod to set the playlist play mode to [play mode].". You can chose either 'Continue', 'Repeat' or 'Stop'.

  • Play the latest episode of a podcast

    "Alexa, ask My Pod to play the latest episode of <episode name>

  • Play the oldest episode of a podcast

    "Alexa, ask My Pod to play the oldest episode of <episode name>

17th July 2018

  • New account setting - Don't automatically search for podcasts or public links

    Should you wish to disable the automatic podcast search, you can now turn this option off in your account settings. See the My Account page.

10th July 2018

  • Play any iTunes or My Pod Public links!

    My Pod will now automatically search for any podcasts in the iTunes podcast directory if it cannot find a matching link in your account. Simply ask in the normal way: "Alexa, ask My Pod to play [Podcast Name].".

8th July 2018

  • Error pages

    Better error pages.

2nd July 2018

  • Link bug fixes

    Occasional link errors now fixed.

28th June 2018

  • More obvious re-ordering

    Simply click on the re-order icon and drag your playlists or links to change their order.

27th June 2018

  • Playlist and link playback options

    You can now change the behaviour of playback for links and playlists in order to specify whether to continue, stop or repeat. See the My Account page.

26th June 2018

  • Google Drive Links

    Improved link handling for shared links.

    Google Drive Folders

    Now supports hundreds of files per folder link.

21st June 2018

  • Resume

    Links that have multiple content, such as Google Drive folder should now resume from the last played item.

11th June 2018

  • RSS Bug Fix

    Some RSS feeds would skip every other episode. This is now resolved.

20th May 2018

  • Invalid RSS

    Improvements to handle badly formed RSS feeds.

    Spaces in URL's

    Spaces will now be escaped when adding URL's.

4th Apr 2018

  • Home & Smart feature for our German Users!

    My Pod has been featured as skill of the week on the German Home & Smart Tech site! Please click here to read it.

12th Mar 2018

  • Link title announcements

    You can now prevent Alexa from reading out the link / title name before playing any audio by visiting the My Account page.

  • Start Podcasts / RSS feeds from the oldest episode

    You can now switch My Pod to play the oldest episode in a feed first by visiting the My Account page.

23rd Feb 2018

  • Shuffling

    You can now enable shuffling by asking Alexa to turn on shuffling whilst audio is playing e.g. "Alexa, shuffle on." .

  • Better Playlist name recognition

    Alexa will now prompt you for the Playlist name if she doesn't understand what you said the first time.

20th Feb 2018

  • Re-order Playlists or Links

    You can now re-order your playlists or links by simply dragging them up or down.