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The ultimate audio and video player skill for the Amazon Echo. Play any podcast, audio file or web link. Watch video on Echos with a screen. Get started now

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  • RSS feed
  • Audio file
  • Video file
  • Playlist
  • Google Drive link
  • Any web link

What kind of links will play?


Play almost any audio or video link quickly and easily
  • RSS Feeds

    Search for a podcast feed or add your own custom feed or add paid-for podcasts to play through your Amazon Echo.

  • My Pod Storage

    Upload your files straight to My Pod and play them instantly.

  • Web Pages

    Link to any web page or text RSS feed and My Pod will extract the relevant content for Alexa to read out to you.

  • Play popular Audio & Video formats

    Play your MP3, MP4, AAC, M4V, TS files and more through your Amazon Echo.

  • Resume

    Keep your place when listening to podcasts, audiobooks or any other longer tracks.

  • Playlists

    Group your links in to custom playlists. Call your playlists what you want and tag your links to ask Alexa to play them.

Enable the My Pod skill for your Amazon Echo

Search for 'My Pod' in the Alexa app store